Safety and quality of products are our priority, and with our customized services, we are always close to your business.

Working for the main markets worldwide and the strategic sectors of the economy, Forgiatura Marcora is continuosly looking for new competences, human resources and technical solutions in order to realize and to improve the company policy of quality always seeking customer satisfaction and compliance with environmental and safety.


Thanks to our Forging presses up to 5000 tons, supported by heating furnaces and saws for both raw material and post-forge cutting, we able to supply open die forgings up to 30 tons of black forging weight.


Thanks to our internal machining shop and wide range of approved and qualified suppliers we can provide rough machined as well as final machined solutions to our customers.


Thanks to a staff of fully qualified welding engineers, metallurgists, coded welders and experienced fabricators, we can apply an extensive range of processes and procedures on materials ranging from carbon steel and AISI 4130 through to Duplex Stainless Steel, Kunifer and high nickel alloys such as Inconel 625.


Our internal laboratory is approved by the main Third Party Authorities of Inspection worldwide. All DT inspections (impact and tensile tests) & NTD inspections (Ultrasonic, Magnetic, Die penetrant) are internally performed.